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Is there a Enima image now available to Wetek

topdosttopdost Posts: 6WeTek Community Member
Is there a Enima image now available to Wetek ? There are so many threads here and there all over the internet but is there any available ? If yes is that with KODI .Can anyone please give me link to download .

Thanks in advance .


  • H0nch0H0nch0 Posts: 210WeTek Community Member
    nope , Lots eh , any Enigma image would prob need kodi direct or xbmc plugin adapted to run on the specific hardware as well and as no Enigma or Enigma2 for wetek alas nope

    As a rule of thumb if yah dont see it on official or some very rated sites its not there or public yet ;)

    ive seen some POC but nothing usable fully or been able to test
  • AdogaAdoga Posts: 40WeTek Community Member
    I've seen many videos abour E2 for WeTek, but I'm starting to feel its just a hype, but I hope its not.
  • amsterdamxxxamsterdamxxx Posts: 107WeTek Community Member
    exists but is not public...
    will appear soon..:)
    verified information ... 100%
  • dude-nldude-nl Posts: 228WeTek Community Member
    Just like Santa ;)
  • topdosttopdost Posts: 6WeTek Community Member
    Ah got to wait for it then . Really looking forward to it .
  • rjmsilvarjmsilva Posts: 42WeTek Community Member
    Posted moments ago in a Portuguese forum:
  • LordMerlinLordMerlin Posts: 22WeTek Community Member
    Enigmaby tests:
    1.ATV5 - all too flat and there is Kody. But even update found.
    2.PBnigma - such as pleasant, more like a face on the Receiver.
    3. PcTv- the same Elec, possible on the core Enigma or Neutrino. Painfully all there is playfully Kody moved.
  • programturkprogramturk Posts: 7WeTek Community Member
    Maybe someone share with us cuz here is officially Wetek forum and we have to some of private different :) waiting my pm Brgds

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