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H0nch0H0nch0 Posts: 210WeTek Community Member
i want to partition the unused space and use as a HDD&USB mount yeah ,

and the main menu image & boot screen file location/format/recommended size ect ect , so i can change it ;)

i know how to install extensions and plugins and can get about everything required by users working sweet as a nut tbh i jusr use a 8 or 4 gig SD-Card (leaves me 7.49 & 3.49 unallocated on SD-Cards yeah )

no as of right now i use a 8gig USBpen set as 5gig for HDD & 3gig for USB now what i wanna know is how to get OpenATV to reconise the unallocated space on the Sd-Cards as i have already set the unallocated space as 2 partitions same way i do the USBpen, OpenAtv will reconise and mount the 2 usb partitions easily enough and be used in normal E2 ways but the system is not seeing the partitions i have made in the unallocated space on the Sd-Cards.

i just dont see the point in wasting any space on the SD-Card even if it can be mounted as HDD it would be a better use , in the end i would much prefer to be able to set a option on boot to 2 diff installs via nand as duelboot system from nand , but nether the less i am wanting to find out the above info :)

Many Thanx In Advance



  • MC117MC117 Posts: 3,707Administrator - WeTek Community Manager
    Hi H0nch0

    Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention :D

    Right now, the development team is working on the allocated space, some other features and issues...

    We just need to wait for a new beta build with some new cool stuff :)

    But if any user has a idea about this, it would be great

    Best Regards

  • gentonggentong Posts: 151WeTek Community Member
    Please add blindscan capabilities... Thanks..
  • H0nch0H0nch0 Posts: 210WeTek Community Member
    one thinks the 2 dvb- feeds needs to be available ;) you know you can do it as you have already ;)
    this way tunerserver does not change the box channel , also the abilty to choose what the online update
    gets to update instaed of just blanket update every one would sort my problem as i dont see point in loosing 2 Dvb-s for 1 Dvb-s
    to be able to use wifi via the remote ( we hint where it broke if you neva knew ;) )

    but would it be possible to do the above as i asked to get the O/S to reconise the 2 partitions i have made or at least 1 as a HDD , if i could make the HDD that you guys are emulating larger
    it would work aswell , any points in right direction ill sort it my self , im only asking for any info you may have on the subject , also the locations on where the boot and main menu images are stored and format ect ect ?

    Many Thanx In Advance


  • H0nch0H0nch0 Posts: 210WeTek Community Member
    no one have a idea of how to do this on this open source equipment and image ?
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