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[REQUEST] 3gmodemmanager kernel-modules

artouirosartouiros Posts: 19WeTek Community Member
edited June 2016 in Enigma 2 (WP1)
Hi, I apreciate the devs job for porting enigma2 to wetek play, I've tried almost every image and all of the, are fantastic, but none of them can be used with 3gmodemmanager. It is in feeds, but when installing it says it can't find dependencies: kernel-module-pp-syncity and kernel-module-usbserial Here's the screenshot for mnigma (same happens on other images): Can this be fixed somehow or I am asking too much? Thanks.


  • MC117MC117 Posts: 3,707Administrator - WeTek Community Manager

    I'll forward this to one of the developers of enigma2
    But we can't promise anything

    Best regards

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