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Does HDMI CEC work in any E2 image?

panachoipanachoi Posts: 5WeTek Community Member
I'm running OpenPLI (latest) from mSD, and although I can install the hdmicec plugin, it does not work. There's no menu entry for it either to set it up (unlike on the Vu and Dreamboxen), and neither wakes the TV when woken from sleep, nor powers off the TV when set to sleep mode.

This would be ideal so that I can use the TV remove, like I do with the other satellite boxes, and dont have to use the egg remote.


  • zattelietzatteliet Posts: 1WeTek Community Member
    Same here, Running the latest NAND version of openPLI.
    I installed teh HDMI-CEC plugin but there is no menu item.
    Also unable to play back any recordings. When i choose a recording the screen stays black.
  • 328ci328ci Posts: 2WeTek Community Member
    same here, no HDMI-CEC plugin in menu item. would be nice to have it!
  • AleksandarAleksandar Posts: 8WeTek Community Member
    So, there is still no-way to make HDMI-CEC work on Enigma2 on Wetek Play?

    I found this topic


    but mnigma-wetekcec_0.5_all.ipk is not available anymore :(
  • AleksandarAleksandar Posts: 8WeTek Community Member
    edited July 2017
    Ok, I managed to make Openatv 6.0 to have basic HDMI-CEC functions.

    First I have edited the HdmiCec.py file and change the line
    config.hdmicec.enabled = ConfigYesNo(default = False) to
    config.hdmicec.enabled = ConfigYesNo(default = True)

    Since we don't have plugin to do it. Then, you can restart and see if it works, for me on Sony it worked immediately. However, there were some problems, for example, OK key has been recognized as Select key. To see this, open telnet and type

    init 4

    Therefore I had to edit keymap.xml

    <+key id="KEY_OK" mapto="SeekPointerOK" flags="m" />
    <+key id="KEY_SELECT" mapto="SeekPointerOK" flags="m" />

    And replace all occurrences of KEY_OK with KEY_SELECT.
  • karolskarols Posts: 17WeTek Community Member
    Great recognition for HDMI-CEC.
    I just have a request to specify paths to files where I need to change the entries.
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