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imposible to flash nand or install for sd carfd

zuropyzuropy Posts: 3WeTek Community Member
edited January 2017 in Linux
i have a play2 wetek when i need to update or write nand with open atv , say SECURE CHECK, what is this,

secure check....
cure check failed. ( not math)

stallation aborted


  • codesnakecodesnake Posts: 744WeTek Community Member, Developers
    What files you have on the sdcard when trying to flash? Also please remember that flashing into NAND operating systems other than WeOS (Android) will void your warranty.
  • MikeyMikey Posts: 4WeTek Community Member
    I have the same issue. I'm trying to flash OpenElec into NAND and get this secur check (not match) error. Files on the sdcard are the contents of the NAND installation package. I tried the 6.02 package from the WeTek download site and 7.0.1 package from the OpenElec site.

    I also ran into a second issue, which may or may not be related. Using a exFAT formatted sdcard, I can boot into recovery but get mounting errors when trying to select the recovery image to install. Using a FAT32 formatted sdcard, the machine continuously resets and does not boot into recovery. Once booted with exFAT, I can reformat the card to FAT32, reinsert, and browse to the recovery file without problems. I thought the secur check might be caused by altering the sdcard after booting, but later I read that it should also be possible to place the recovery file on a USB stick (tried that too, same secur check error).
  • MikeyMikey Posts: 4WeTek Community Member
    I solved my problems. Turns out that not nearly all OpenElec versions labeled WeTek play are actually compatible. The only one that seems to be compatible with the play2 is version 7.90.010 (an alpha version). You can get it here:


    Other versions for me would not install to NAND or work as dual boot.
  • codesnakecodesnake Posts: 744WeTek Community Member, Developers
    WeTek Play and WeTek Play 2 are completely different boxes, so builds for WeTek Play are not compatible with WeTek Play 2 and vice versa.
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