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WebGrabPlus TVGrabFile

mfizzmfizz Posts: 94WeTek Community Member
Could someone please help me and provide a working Tvheadend tv_grab_file for use with the internal grabber xmltv for lists generated by webgrabplus.



  • saDeKsaDeK Posts: 22WeTek Community Member
    I'm in the same situation, I do not understand how to have a proper epg
  • mfizzmfizz Posts: 94WeTek Community Member
    edited October 12
    Worked it out mate . Just get the TV grab file from webgrabplus and then put that file in usr/bin folder under .Kodi/add-ons/tvheadend

    Don't ask me how but the programn picks this up as a separate internal grabber based on xmltv it is different to internal grabber don't touch that, inside the file point to location of guide.XML . Turn into setting up webgrab
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