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EPGImport (Rytec Update)

AleksandarAleksandar Posts: 8WeTek Community Member
Dear friends,

In August last year, Rytec has updated their plugin and sources for the xmltv epg. They have also upgraded their plugin (EPGImport) to support new "XY" files. The old "GZ" files were kept until 1.1.2018. when the support for older version has been discontinued.

As there are no new updates of MNigma for WetekPlay1, I tried to upgrade the plugin myself. However, for the proper working of the plugin I need:

liblzma5_5.2.2 and python-lzma_0.0.8 libraries. Does anybody know if there are precompiled libraries for ARM processor? I found these libraries on the forum http://www.vuplus-community.net/board/threads/epgimport-rytec-new.33994/ , but they are for "armv7ahf-neon" architecture.

Alternatively, is there any other image with the new version of the plugin or where is possible to extract mentioned libraries?


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