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Google play games app keeps crashing

AlexNAlexN Posts: 5WeTek Community Member
I recently performed a factory reset on my wetek play 2, due to various problems.
the box is fully updated.

Now almost everything is working (most of the time)..except google play games that crashes overtime I try to open the app. I have tried to "clear cache" etc. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, but no luck.

Please help.. I can't access my saved games


  • AlexNAlexN Posts: 5WeTek Community Member
    note: before I performed the factory reset, there were no problems with google play games app
  • AnimaAnima Posts: 1,940WeTek Support Team
    Thank you for letting us know about this situation.

    Indeed the application cannot be started via the menu. However, I have no trouble reaching my saved games when using the game.

    Will check this further.

  • AlexNAlexN Posts: 5WeTek Community Member
    I agree - it cannot be started via the menu, and probably are not supposed... but as an example I have real racing 3 and dead trigger 2 installed, and when I start up dead trigger 2, the game automatically tries to open the google play games app, but after some seconds tell me it has crashed.
    In real racing 3 I have the same problem, that I cannot access google play games.
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