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keymap wetek play power on funkcion

sofrenicsofrenic Posts: 33WeTek Community Member
Is there a keymap with Power On feature for Wetek play.
It would be great for replacement remote controlers as the original breakdown.
The replacement is Chinese Wifi Keyboard and the like.


  • AnimaAnima Posts: 1,988WeTek Support Team
    If the Chinese keyboard has an IR learning function you can copy it from the original remote.
    If not, I'm afraid there is no way, other than shutting down your device using the power option in the menu.

  • sofrenicsofrenic Posts: 33WeTek Community Member
    The MX3 universal remote ($ 8.5) needs to be bay with the IR learning function for setting the Power ON OFF, and the other buttons work over 2.4GHZ USB, the mouse also.
  • juliecoxjuliecox Posts: 1WeTek Community Member
    edited March 2018
    Thanks a lot for sharing this information here!
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