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Latest and stable Build for OpenATV for Wetek Play 2

xtrumphxtrumph Posts: 31WeTek Community Member
Hello, anyone know what is the latest build of OpenATV for WPlay 2?
By the way, where can i find it, i think it migrate to github but i cant find it.



  • AnimaAnima Posts: 1,978WeTek Support Team
    I don't think any enigma2 image was ever launched for WeTek Play 2, let alone a stable one...

  • ZiegenmelkerZiegenmelker Posts: 49WeTek Community Member

    if you want a stable Enigmabuild for the Wetek Play 2 you have so buy an other Receiver. I have done the same. It`s a pitty with Wetek. They don`t want to support Enigma...

    Greetz Ziegenmelker
  • maijoormaijoor Posts: 57WeTek Community Member
    If you like a stable E2 box go for vu+ Zero 4k its the best box I ever used.

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