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Why only S/PDIF for Surround Sound?

2C4k2C4k Posts: 65WeTek Community Member
This may be a Censure question but WHY is S/PDIF they ONLY way to get surround sound? Someone help me understand why it's better than HDMI please.



  • 2C4k2C4k Posts: 65WeTek Community Member
    Did my word "Censure" just get replaced with Censure??
  • AnimaAnima Posts: 1,988WeTek Support Team

    First of all, yes! our forum has an automatic language filter, that Censures some words. no worries you will get used to it if you're a naughty boy :)

    Regarding your question:

    HDMI can be used to get surround sound just as S/PDIF. You just need to enable it in the Android sound settings.

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