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wetek core won't start up

marcel5577marcel5577 Posts: 1WeTek Community Member
my wetek core won't start up only white screen with wetek core logo and dts logo and then its frozen
Does anyone have an idea


  • TapalqueTapalque Posts: 31WeTek Community Member
    Same here! I don't know how to proceed. I have tried all the methods in thid forum and Core still bricked.
  • x_Killer_xx_Killer_x Posts: 70WeTek Community Member
    Check this steps:

    Source: wetek support center

    "If your device is stuck on the boot screen or can't seem to start, especially after an OTA update.

    It is possible some file might not be correctly installed and got corrupted.

    To solve this issue you need to follow these steps described below:

    Power Off your device

    Disconnect your power supply.

    Underneath your Device, you have an update button (Small Hole)

    With the update nail provided in your package, press and hold that update button

    While pressing, connect your power supply

    Keep pressing the button for 10 more seconds.

    After the 10 seconds, your device should enter in the recovery menu.

    From the recovery menu, you need to select, Wipe Data, Factory Reset.

    After this, reboot your device.

    It should now be working properly."
  • AnimaAnima Posts: 1,988WeTek Support Team
    Let the device ON for some minutes (10 minutes) to try and let it boot normally if it is still stuck in a white splash screen, maybe the boot partition got corrupted and the device needs to be repaired.
    If that is so, please contact our support at support.wetek.com

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