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Wetek Core not booting anymore and i can't apply reset.

TapalqueTapalque Posts: 31WeTek Community Member
The usual thing happened (Wetek core crashes/hangs overnight), but now I can't even get into the recovery screen (with reset pin). When Core boots, all I see an improperly scaled WeTek/DTS logo screen, and from there on nothing happens. It switches to a blank screen, and all TVs and screens I tried just display "No signal". Is there any way I can get this device so that I can finally reapply the firmware from SD?


  • AnimaAnima Posts: 1,988WeTek Support Team
    This behavior is due to a bad shutdown of the device (e.g. application incorrectly shut down or power cut, etc.)
    for this the WeTek is attempting to optimize the startup of the device, unfortunately, it does this while showing a "no signal" on your TV.
    Please let the device run its optimization procedure, should take around 15 minutes.
    After the process is completed, you will be prompted into the Main menu.

    If not, and if it is possible to connect an AV cable to your WeTek Core, remove the HDMI cable and change the input on your TV to AV.
    Does it show any image (please wait for the 10-15min initialization)?
    If yes, go to display settings and select auto resolution and plug back the HDMI.

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