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Timeshift functionality

shadshad Posts: 110WeTek Community Member
Could one of the owners of the WeTek Air please describe the timeshift functionality?
Is it possible to setup a path for the timeshift recording and to pause the running TV program simply by pressing the "pause" button, which starts the timeshift recording in the background?

What options does one have when stopping the timeshift again? Does the Air offer an option to save the timeshift recording as a regular recording permanently?


  • x_Killer_xx_Killer_x Posts: 70WeTek Community Member
    @shad by logic, when you click to pause it records and unpause it will delete after you have watched it.
  • shadshad Posts: 110WeTek Community Member
    According to Wetek website and support, it's a permanent timeshift, i.e. recording happens all the time once a TV channel is selcted. The recording happens into RAM and gets reset if you change the channel, or deleted if you leave the TV part.

    Both, the pemanent recording and doing it into RAM is rather Censure, especially the latter...
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