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Why did I give WETEK a second chance. The WETEK air SUCKS!

jmazzyjmazzy Posts: 28WeTek Community Member
Why did I give WETEK a second chance? I had the WETEK play 2 and got sick of how many faults there was but loved the Idea of it. So when I heard about the AIR coming out I thought this was there opportunity to correct all of the flaws of the play 2. How wrong I was. It is utter garbage. It arrived yesterday and spent all day trying to use it. Spent a few hours trying to get the voice recognition to work and followed all the guides on how to pair it, but gave up in the end. I also discover that it is not capable of DTS- Master and Dolby true HD 7.1. Even the play 2 supported these formats. Instead of WETEK progressing with there devices , they are regressing. Now I am trying to return the device, its impossible. On the WETEK support site it says to contact customer support, but there is no details on how to do this. I have left countless messages with no reply. I will keep everyone updated on this forum, Facebook etc on how WETEK’s 14 day guarantee holds up. Not holding my breath! Going to make a youtube Video to go along with my experience. Thank You WETEK


  • jmazzyjmazzy Posts: 28WeTek Community Member
    Still Nothing yet guys. Lost count on how many emails I have sent now.
  • GianniGianni Posts: 20WeTek Community Member
    Maybe Wetek may publish a roadmap for relevant patches the Air device needs. A possible list:

    - ETA for Netflix App certification;
    - ETA for Amazon Prime Video App certification (even if last apk version works);
    - Kernel support for AMLogic IEC61937 audio passthrough over HDMI (so, Dolby True HD should work, right ???);
    - Better support for countries broadcasting both DVB-T and DVB-T2. At the moment list is full of duplicates.
    - Fix for unrecognized MUXes over DVB-T. Creating a manual transponder with the right parameters does not help. The the tuner is unable to recognize many DVB-T MUXes here in Italy. It's a bug.
    - Better support for HDMI self adaptation
  • jmazzyjmazzy Posts: 28WeTek Community Member
    Still haven't heard Wetek guys. Been trying all day again.
  • MaddaMadda Posts: 22WeTek Community Member
    Relevent patches ???? I'd like to see one never mind a list
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