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Wetek seems to have a groundbreaking new way for supporting ... other devices.

StimmenhotelStimmenhotel Posts: 19WeTek Community Member
Just checked the twitter feed of wetek and found this, not very old, article how wetek wants to revolutionize the support for "their?" devices:

I have no wetek air ... But reading this forum, the "new strategy" dos not seem to work (for the air).

Oh and Offtopic:
Take a look in to the shop of wetek: https://consumers.wetek.com/shop/
Looks like a sellout to me.

If you take a look at the main homepage: https://wetek.com/
You will be redirected to the https://business.wetek.com/ instead of the consumers part...

For me it seems the company changes its path, dropping the B2C part and run a full B2B path ...
But I am no way a expert. :smile:
I am just a consumer that was disappointed very long ago ...


  • ctrlaltcactrlaltca Posts: 54WeTek Community Member
    edited August 2019
    As far as i know they only released a first batch of prerelease Airs with the t-shirt package, there were about 400 units available and they had problems selling them (after a few weeks they were still available); I never saw following batches available for sale.
    I guess they considered the product a failure and stopped producing it. After all, for that price you can get better hardware and support from other sources, eg. nvidia shield on the high end and about any chinese tvbox on the low end.
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