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New role for old Wetek Play 2

smilenkovskismilenkovski Posts: 11WeTek Community Member
edited October 2019 in LibreELEC (WP2)
I found my old Wetek the other day. An NO remote , of course. And it was bricked. No video , nothing. I've reset to WE OS with rs 232 cable. Because no remote for dual boot I've decide to flash NAND with older libreelec image (8.02 I think) and update LE to last release manually. So far so good. Using Docker I've installed Plex media server, YES, server, and transmission. I've hooked up two external 6TB ntfs HDDs . and I have working Plex little "server"and download torrents device. Do not expect transcoding , all my devices do HEVC by rhemselvs. I'm not sure that anyone is reading this forum anymore but if you have spare Wetek play 2 and almost all day free time You can reuse old device.
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