Android (WP1)

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    Tutorials for the official WeTek build
    13 discussions 53 comments
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    Un-official builds of CyanogenMOD roms for WeTek Play
    29 discussions 876 comments
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    CWM Recovery
    Un-official build of ClockWorkMOD recovery for WeTek Play
    3 discussions 36 comments
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    Un-official builds of AOSPA roms for WeTek Play
    2 discussions 2 comments
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    Un-official builds of AOKP roms for WeTek Play
    1 discussion 1 comment
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    Un-official builds of OMNI roms for WeTek Play
    2 discussions 14 comments
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    TWRP Recovery
    Un-official builds of TWRP Recovery for WeTek Play
    1 discussion 15 comments
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