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Receiving Outernet on Wetek OpenELEC and Play

OuternetOuternet Posts: 1WeTek Community Member
Outernet partnered with Wetek early this year to develop it's first satellite date receiver, known as Lighthouse. We have developed our firmware on Wetek hardware and are pleased to announce the release of our source code and instructions for flashing the Outernet Lighthouse image onto either of the Wetek set top boxes. Since Outernet is a broadcast data service that is transmitted over DVB-S/2 transponders, any device should have a tuner module.

Outernet is not terribly relevant to people that have internet access, but for those that do not, we are currently transmitting over 30,000 ebooks across six different satellites. The service is accessible virtually anywhere in the world.

In order to flash a Wetek Play with the Lighthouse firmware, place the following two files on a microSD card and power cycle the device. After the 60 seconds (the second LED should be solid), power cycle again and then go through the setup wizard.


You can also view the source code here:

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