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VC-1 mkvs playback in Kodi

frrilayfrrilay Posts: 2WeTek Community Member
Hi all,

​I'm experiencing issues with mkv files encoded in VC-1 (Blu-ray rips) in Kodi. Playback's fine for a few minutes then it gets all jittery/stuttering. I suspect that playback stops being smooth when the video bitrate goes up (or it may be completely random).
Tested with many different files with that codec, same issue for all of them.

The weird thing is that everything's fine when using another container (.iso or .m2ts, though I really prefer mkvs for chapters and forced subtitles support).

Has anyone experienced this as well? Is it Kodi-related or WeTek? I also have an Nvidia Shield which works fine with VC-1 mkvs in Kodi (same build).

Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this!


  • wrxtasywrxtasy Posts: 1,221WeTek Community Member
    Over an Ethernet network or WiFi ?
    Have you tried from a usb stick ?
    Download MX Player App and try playback from a usb stick to Eliminate Kodi from the equation

    Have you increased the Video Cache Buffer using advancedsettings.xml ?
    Refresh rate Switching ?
    TV Settings configured for 24p Movie Mode ?

    Do not select Kodi in the 24p Refresh Rate Switcher App. I only use it for US Netflix.

    29.97fps VC-1 content will not play on the WeTek Core properly and stutters, known AMLogic / Kodi problem on all platforms.
    Use a PC program called Mediainfo to investigate the video files if not already done so.
  • frrilayfrrilay Posts: 2WeTek Community Member
    Hi, thanks for your reply.
    ​Same results with usb in Kodi (usually I use Ethernet).
    In MX Player it plays back just fine so it seems to be Kodi related.

    All the rips are 23.976p. Refresh rate is of course set accordingly.

    I did try to increase the cache buffer, which seems to make it significantly better (200Mb of RAM).
  • wrxtasywrxtasy Posts: 1,221WeTek Community Member
    The Playercorefactory function can be used with Kodi to play problematic mpeg2 .vob and VC-1 files.
    With this you can activate MX Player from inside Kodi (use the Context Button, under power on the remote) to play these file types as a bit of a workaround.
    They have to be played from a connected usb device however.

    For those that like a challenge install the MX Player App or VLC Player and then save this to a plain text file and copy into the Kodi userdata folder:
    (use Kodi's filemanager)

    Name it playercorefactory.xml
        <player name="MXPlayerFree" type="ExternalPlayer" audio=“true” video="true">
        <player name="VLCPlayer" type="ExternalPlayer" audio=“true” video="true">
             <rules action="prepend">
                           [COLOR=#000000][FONT=Verdana]<rule video="true" player="MXPlayerFree"/> [/FONT][/COLOR]


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