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Official Mnigma Topic - WeTekPlay

FrancFranc Posts: 9WeTek Community Member
  • Experimental release of PLi based Enigma2 for WeTekPlay.
  • Initial boot takes some time to prepare micro SD card for E2 and Kodi.
  • By default (might change in the future and for NAND version), recording and timeshift are set to use micro SD card partition.
    EPG data uses /hdd as well as E2 Picons. All the above is adjustable from System Menu.
  • In general, it is preferable to use faster media for recording. Your new USB stick might be (much) faster than micro SD card and vice versa.
  • Tested with Wetek E2 remote control.
  • OElec RC support still limited, but should work after selecting Elec remote from Menu-Setup-System-WeTekRC select
    and loading OElec keymap from Menu-Setup-System-Keymap.
  • ******-latest update only binaries, leaving your settings intact.
  • Until fixed, please do NOT mount (or use in any other way) kernel partition from Setup-System-Device Mount Manager. It is a small, FAT16
    partition (Shown 1st, with =?=) and is not of much use except for kernel.
  • RC buttons assignemts were done in good faith, please feel free to change as per your pleasure in Hotkeys.
  • Radio mode supported. Note that some channel lists do not include DVB-S radio (ciefp).
  • E2 based playback of recorded material with REW/FF (numercal keys; 1, 4, 7 rewind in var speeds, 3, 6, 9 do FF).
  • Mnigma's native skins are MetropolisHD in two variants Dark and Light. Three native PLi skins are included as well (full HD is NOT an option for now).
  • Wetek System Menu includes a tool for fine tuning AV sync. Default settings are likely to be agreeable for most cases.


chnsel_dark.jpg info_dark.jpg menu_dark.jpg mniga_dark.jpg second_dark.jpg

light_info.jpg light_menu.jpg light_second.jpg light_wetek.jpg light_wetek1.jpg

2ndinfobar.jpg About.jpg chsel.jpg Network.jpg


  • mach1mach1 Posts: 737WeTek Community Member
    Thanks mate

    Its takes 2 min to first booting video mode 1080i has problems choosing video mode 720p or 1080p both are ok..
    Osxxx latest svn 11209 can be installed during first setup no need to ftp password its empty..
    E2 remote airmouse and keyboard seems ok Kodi side buttons seems ok.
  • mach1mach1 Posts: 737WeTek Community Member
    Recorded media cant be played no video and audio it seems..
  • lglz1337lglz1337 Posts: 438WeTek Community Member
    .....NAND version.....

    now i'm interested
  • hokuspokuzzhokuspokuzz Posts: 207WeTek Community Member
    [USER="7410"]Franc[/USER] Thanks for your work on this. I will wait for the NAND version before i start testing, Sd card gives too much of a headache. Any ETA on the NAND version? Also, DTS/Dolby are probably not working in this release, like all other E2 wetek images? I am thinking that auto downmix ac3 is on by default. On OpenPli on my Dreambox there is an option "ac3 downmix" under A/V settings. That setting is missing from all of the wetek e2 images. any idea why?

    love for openpli
  • marsupilamimarsupilami Posts: 49WeTek Community Member
    Actually, like vaguely mentioned in post #4, there is experimental dd/dts support and works. Wetek Extra Menu.
  • lglz1337lglz1337 Posts: 438WeTek Community Member
    tried all wetek E2 images and i can confirm this one is the most impressive!

    hope in a great working wetek E2+kodi box restored
  • hokuspokuzzhokuspokuzz Posts: 207WeTek Community Member
  • dude-nldude-nl Posts: 228WeTek Community Member
    mach1 wrote: »

    video mode 1080i has problems choosing video mode 720p or 1080p both are ok..
    I need 1080i :(
  • mach1mach1 Posts: 737WeTek Community Member
    WeTekPlay MNIGMA-0.1 SDcard 13.01.2016


    online update is possible 1080i videomode is ok with online update mate..
  • mach1mach1 Posts: 737WeTek Community Member
    Updated Readme describes some extra sound settings for those using A/V recs. Btw, strange about rec - playback, works ok for me.

    Which folder do u use for recording ı try usdextra/movie or external hdd media/hdd folders, recorded fta hd channels when ı try to watch with mediaplayer ı got no video and audio..
  • mach1mach1 Posts: 737WeTek Community Member
    With Classic mouse remote back button for colour buttons 1 2 3 4 select not working cant use colour options channel list menu..
  • HWTestHWTest Posts: 122WeTek Community Member
    Not bad but when trying to select the OE keymap I get a bluescreen.
    I tried my modded keymap, it works fine but the cursor and the PG+ PG- keys don't work in the channel selection, I have switch channels via numbers.
    When navigating through menus the cursor and the PG+ PG- keys work fine.
  • halidrihalidri Posts: 194WeTek Community Member
    Works not bad, some skins from feed not working (myNovumHD2, pliFHD...) no ac3 in e2, no ac3-dts in kodi. Kodi via hotkey is not avaible, start kodi is not listed in the hotkey settings.
    Timecode in e2 mediaplayer is also not correct, but the most problems are in all e2 images. I hope in 2016, 2017 or 2018 we have correct drivers for e2 from wetek...
  • gtt64gtt64 Posts: 2WeTek Community Member
    work fine ,not new kernel
  • GekkonGekkon Posts: 36WeTek Community Member
    - keymap Openelec RCU - crash
    - driver DVB-T2 - frozen
  • stevenpcstevenpc Posts: 8WeTek Community Member
    ABM causes blue screen crash
  • sakkusakku Posts: 95WeTek Community Member
    is it worth to try this images ?
    i see, many bugs everywhere...
    does the fast forward or fast rewind E2 playback working ?
  • marsupilamimarsupilami Posts: 49WeTek Community Member
    AC3 multichannel works just fine, readme.txt menitons that only E2 RC is supported for now.
  • mach1mach1 Posts: 737WeTek Community Member
    WeTekPlay MNIGMA-0.1 SDcard 14.01.2016


    Changelog text:

    - initial 0.1 release

    - add extra wetek options
    - zoom capability
    - optimize AV sync, real time changes in Wesync Settings visible

    - add kernel update script
    - add option for kernel update in Mnigma's Little Helper
    - upstream updates:

    servicemp3: reduce eDebug output about buffer percentage
    Output is flooded with buffer percentage message hurting
    stream startup and playback.

    frontend.cpp SNR report, debug info

    update fr et pl translations

    NOTE: on line updates are fine unless explicitely stated otherwise,
    when a reflash of micro SD card is needed.
  • lglz1337lglz1337 Posts: 438WeTek Community Member
    verry good, daily updates
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