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[Request] Kodi Estuary Skin by default please?

SkOrPnSkOrPn Posts: 130WeTek Community Member
Confluence, imo has probably been one of the worst Skin designs I have ever seen on a product meant for the TV, and Confluence is one of the reasons I never did get into Kodi (among others), but now Kodi is introducing "Estuary" which from the looks of it is more how a 10 foot TV watching interface should be.

Any chance we could get this new UI "Estuary" as default out of the box for Wetek products now, rather than later, please? Thank you for the consideration.


Meet Estuary


  • NE0NE0 Posts: 808WeTek Community Member
    Here is a note from the official public introduction of this skin
    Estuary and Estouchy are only meant to be installed in Kodi v17 “Krypton” versions. They will NOT function properly in any previous Kodi version. By default a new install will only have Estuary and Estouchy installed. Since Confluence will still be available from our official repository any existing Kodi installation that upgrades to v17 “Krypton” will receive the updated version of Confluence. We can imagine that not everyone would like to be forced to switch to the new skin so we came to this solution.
  • SkOrPnSkOrPn Posts: 130WeTek Community Member
    Yeah common users will not be able to implement it, but skin developers (such as MarcosQui) can do practically anything they want with Kodi these days.

    A real Kodi Skin developer could fix any issues it may have on 16.0. Unless the Skins design is patented, lol. Looking at videos, it appears Krypton works just fine so far, so I might try it as a test anyway. I will report back how it runs. Thanks
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