Need advice on box to buy

Hi guys,

I'm new here but hoping someone can help, I'm going to get setup with a box to use Kodi after having a go on a friends fire stick, I was wondering if I tell you guys what I need if someone can tell me which device would best suit my needs.

I basically want whichever is going to future proof me, I currently have a 4k LG Smart TV, I want to be able to use Kodi, but also want to be able to watch freeview with the ability to record? The recording and playback is a big part and I'd prefer it to be easy (for the missus with rubbish shows like I'm a celeb etc.)

I'm open to all ideas, I just want a push in the right direction, I'm aware of the android, openelec but unsure which will suit me best, so if any of you guys can help I would appreciate it!




  • MasterChief117
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    WeTek Play is provided with 3 optional pluggable tuners, DVB-T/C (European terrestrial and cable broadcast standard), ATSC (North American terrestrial and cable broadcast standard) and DVB-S (Universal Satellite broadcast standard).

    WeTek Play provides 2 official ROMs, both are ready to tune from plugged tuner and to show FTA channels available.

    In this moment we do not have WeTek Play device on the stock. But we have a similar model, WeTek OpenELEC box. This device support DVB tuners. More information your can find there and

    We're also going to launch 2 brand new products
    WeTek Play 2 and WeTek Play2S

    But for now we don't have price or date for it's release

    Best regards

  • Freece

    Thank you very much for your reply.

    I am going to hold out for the WeTek Play2S, is there not any hints on a price or release date? Can I pre-order one?

  • NE0
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    Please get in touch with our Sales/Marketing team using this form at They should notify you when more information is available.

    You can also stay informed by following us on our social media channels.
  • degsy
    Easy, dont buy a Wetek. Bad devices and bad support.
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