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TV remote only works with HDMI SEC with autoplay on

ronneyronney Posts: 10WeTek Community Member
Hello, I have the Wetek Core and I am using the Android version. I enable HDMI SEC and switch off autoplay on, the TV remote doesn't work. If I switch autoplay on to "on", the TV remote works like a charm. I have always keep the wetek core on. If I switch off the TV seconds later the TV switch automatically on because the autoplay on is enabled on the wetek core. I have also a Philips Home Cinemaset and have also switch off autoplay on and I still can use the remote control of my Samsung TV. Is it possible to solve this within a future update or can I solve it by myself?


  • AnimaAnima Posts: 1,844WeTek Support Team
    Hello @ronney

    I am able to control the Core with my TV remote even with onekey play disabled.

    Maybe some config on your TV that you can change?

    Best regards

  • ronneyronney Posts: 10WeTek Community Member
    Hello @Anima

    I have checked the config of my TV and everything is ok. The Wetek Core is connected with my homecinemset because of the 5.1 sound via H DMI. Autoplay is also disabled on the set. Thus, if I enable HDMI on the Wetek, remote of my TV only works with onekey play on. Wich TV set do you own?
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