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Lakka: Emulators on WeTek Play (based on OE)

Solo0815Solo0815 Posts: 240WeTek Community Member

If you want to turn your WeTek Play in a "GameConsole" then try Lakka
Built on top of the famous RetroArch emulator, Lakka is able to emulate a large range of hardware and has some usefull features such as Braid-like rewinding, joypad hotplug and video streaming.

Here is a video, showing Lakka in BananaPi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZGiDBb33xk

I had Lakka running on my RPi for some time now and I asked the Devs, if they could release a experimental Image for the WeTek Play, because it is based on OE. Some hours later I got a Mail with the Link to the experimental Image.

It runs with some small glitches:
- after booting there is the default white Background showing "WeTek Play"
and a small box showing the Lakka icon with a black background
- when scrolling (pressing up/down) in the Lakka-GUI there is the default
background (see above) showing for a few milliseconds
according to the Lakka-Dev, the bootloader (bootsplash) has to be cleared and they can't support the WeTek Play officially, because they don't own the devices *hint* ;)

Here you can try it out:

DL the img.gz and write it to your mSD-Card like OE.
If you have already OE running, you can rename the kernel.img and SYSTEM of OE and put the Lakka kernel.img and SYSTEM on the card.

Make sure you put your ROMS in /storage/roms

Tried only 2048 and SNES so far ;)


  • HarleyHarley Posts: 58WeTek Community Member
    Re: Lakka: Emulators on WeTek Play (based on OE)

    You should try a RetroPlayer build of Kodi instead




    RetroPlayer is integrated into the XBMC app
  • Solo0815Solo0815 Posts: 240WeTek Community Member
    Re: Lakka: Emulators on WeTek Play (based on OE)

    I know RetroPlayer, but
    1. there is no OE-RetroPlayer version for WeTek available
    2. If there are RetroPlayer versions available, they are based on Gotham and Win based. The OE ones are much older
    3. until RetroPlayer is available in Kodi (15+1) I'm going to use Lakka

    There are RetroArch binarys for the RPi to integrate it in Kodi, but unfortunately not for WeTek
    http://openelec.tv/forum/128-addons/729 ... on-arm-rpi
  • harenharen Posts: 97WeTek Community Member
    Re: Lakka: Emulators on WeTek Play (based on OE)

    Cool and fun stuff! :D

    What is the best DOSBox derivate for Android on rhe WeTek Play?
    Performance-wise, I mean.
  • Solo0815Solo0815 Posts: 240WeTek Community Member
    The WP is now officially supported by Lakka:
    [h=2]WeTek Play official support[/h] For a few months now, we’ve been providing some development builds for the WeTek Play. A contributor named snifferdsx contacted the WeTek team and asked for a free sample. We received it yesterday and the port works well. We can now support officially this nice box. Thanks a lot to snifferdsx and the folks at WeTek for this donation!
  • H0nch0H0nch0 Posts: 210WeTek Community Member
    with the new boot Options in Devel O/E letting up boot into O/E on MsD whilst running O/E in nand then hopefully we can boot into Lakka on MsD from O/E in nand ? anyone tested yet ?
  • RaxoneRaxone Posts: 139WeTek Community Member
    edited September 2016
    I try some lakka image and all got problem with video output.
    Problem is in last wetekplay u-boot(ir remote select boot sdcard or nand) and lakka.
    I find problem is in kernel.img (initramfs script Platform_init) i replaced with old platform_init script
    and rebuild lakka and now work on all nand wetekplay version (Android,Openelec,Enigma2).
    Kernel image - only kernel.
    Sdcard Image - version for sdcard.
  • NuisMonsNuisMons Posts: 1WeTek Community Member
    lakka fixes resolution bug, now no problems with video output (my patch heh :))
  • mitchmmitchm Posts: 2WeTek Community Member
    I have a question on this, if lakka is installed in sd card, can roms be located on a network share or must be on the same SD card for rom to work ?
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