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WeOS v1.3 by OTA for WeTek Play 2

MC117MC117 Posts: 3,707Administrator - WeTek Community Manager

WeOS 1.3 for Play 2 is here! The new WeOS version for Wetek Play 2 system has arrived and it’s now ready for download.

To apply the update directly from your device, simply access WeUpdate app from My Apps select “On-line Update”.

Update now for and overhauled experience and take advantage of the following improvements.

New features:
Dynamic screensaver powered by FlickDream.
FlickDream is a screensaver inspired by Google's Backdrop that will use Flickr as source for its images.
You can now toggle the soft keyboard using the '*' button on your remote and focus on the suggestions dropdown menu in an AutoCompleteTextView widget
Enjoy the new Kodi v17 “Krypton” Beta 2 version

Additionally WeTek Play 2 OS v1.3 offers various improvements and bug fixes to already existing features.

WeTV Changelog:
Improved zapping speed.
Added support for weekly EPG feeding by selected transponders/mux and regions.
Fixed issues where message "Motor move (from Sat to Sat), pls wait...." was missing.
Fixed issue with no Audio on HDMI Out on channels with DTS only
Improved the EPG loading speed on DVB-C
Added the possibility to delete picons

System Fixes and Improvements Changelog:
Fixed a bug in WebKit that prevented clicking and focusing on dropdown HTML5 select items.
Improved overall Mali 450 performance
Various fixes reagrding Android and Kernel performance and stability

To access the web interface of WeTek Play 2, open the browser on your computer/tablet/smartphone, and type the IP Address of the device and the 8080 port

For Example:


When doing update, we advise to disconnect the HDD's.

After installation of new software is done, we recommend you to reboot device.

Best regards


If you are experiencing any issue with the streaming apps

Please download this file: https://mega.nz/#!ggQX1BTR!yZbrzoA7-BGJmHWX17tr28prsIZKyb6r9aNrrkDaAlM

Just need to copy this zip file to the root of your mSD

Then, please insert the mSD card onto your WeTek and using We.Update, select local update

Select the zip file on your mSD and install

This will fix the issue.

Meanwhile we're already testing a new OTA schedule for the next week.

Download link for manual update

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please don't downgrade the device from Android 6 to Android 5!
You'll brick the device!
The system files are different and it will brick the device

Best regards



  • GIOTMGIOTM Posts: 45WeTek Community Member
    Thank you very much..the support of wetek is perfect
  • GIOTMGIOTM Posts: 45WeTek Community Member
    How i downloading the wek of epg?..only show two event in astra spain
  • ozkaradagozkaradag Posts: 593WeTek Community Member
    Thank you very much..
  • DandroidDandroid Posts: 630WeTek Community Member
    Thanks, new boot logo as well :)
  • lordjeelordjee Posts: 14WeTek Community Member
    very good
  • GIOTMGIOTM Posts: 45WeTek Community Member
    Some change with epg. The epg for my is the same only show two event
  • MinichipMinichip Posts: 32WeTek Community Member
    Upgraded to 1,3, lost audio channels on scrambled channels, I have to (yellow button) select audio press unknown (mpeg) first and get audio commentary , then yellow again and select english Mpeg, to get correct audio channel. If I change channel I have to go through the same series aagin to get correct audio channel. it has to be this sequence for audio to work, when selecting the channel I get no audio.
    Is there a way to setup the default audio channel in the setup??? V1.2 no issues
  • Bradley69Bradley69 Posts: 134WeTek Community Member
    @Minichip mine is the complete same, all audio has lost and I can't even get it back on.
    @GIOTM I'm in agreement, where is this 7 day epg in grid style, I see nothing has changed with the update apart from losing all sound.

  • Bradley69Bradley69 Posts: 134WeTek Community Member
    Admin....please sort this out a.s.a.p
  • GIOTMGIOTM Posts: 45WeTek Community Member
    Same as me.. with sound andres epg
  • Bradley69Bradley69 Posts: 134WeTek Community Member
    Guys....Can you please explain in layman's terms what has actually changed with the EPG?
  • gmanbelfastgmanbelfast Posts: 54WeTek Community Member
    well... this is underwhelming.
  • zbigzbig20zbigzbig20 Posts: 942WeTek Community Member
    Guys if you have problems just do logs .
    Today I will test longer new update but after yesterday short test I am happy. We have epg under blue button (nice) , sync was ok and channels works good with audio (dvbs2 tuner) . Today I will test it longer :-)
  • Bradley69Bradley69 Posts: 134WeTek Community Member
    @zbigzbig20, I like the idea of EPG under the blue button, but I was expecting a gridstyle EPG, all I have is the current channel come up, or sometimes now and next. Thanks for testing
  • GIOTMGIOTM Posts: 45WeTek Community Member
    The sound with some channel is noticias apear like nick jr
  • BodycountBodycount Posts: 58WeTek Community Member
    Going to wait with this update if there are this many problems with it. I'll stick with v1.2
  • gmanbelfastgmanbelfast Posts: 54WeTek Community Member
    edited October 2016
    OK, I got mines installed, no issues at all with sound missing on channels including encrypted channels.

    I must say, Channel Zapping speeds are impressive, literally a second between channels.

    My only gripe now is the EPG, there has to be some way to fix this, this was what I was waiting on, I was sorely disappointed, the EPG hasn't changed at all, literally only a days worth of data. something like an app that loads each channel in the background for a second one by one, this would be a cheap and nasty way of getting EPG data. It's a pain having to go to each channel to get to see what's on. EPG seems to be the highest priority, it's what everyone wants, not a new screen saver thing. Come on guys, get us some decent EPG.
  • zbigzbig20zbigzbig20 Posts: 942WeTek Community Member
    edited October 2016
    Ok after few hours of testing I am impressed ;) Channel change is faster (encrypted and fta), no problems with audio disappearing but sometimes sound slightly will crack and after this there is few seconds sync problem (I will try to catch it and do a log with this issue). About epg for my polish Provider NC+ and Cyfrowy Polsat I have epg for few days :) Thanks to blue button with epg window is very fast access to this function ;) I don't know how this works for dvb-t / c tuner option but for dvb-s2 is one step forward for me.
    But I have a few suggestions @ChristianTroy @MasterChief117 .
    - please add support for picons by channel names (I prefer it instead reference)
    - please add polish language for preferred audio language / subtitles language
    - you can add for this epg window under blue button more details like short date / day name
    - channel list should remember last choosen channel and when we open again channel list should be selected currently watched channel (not first from list)

    Short log from me with this crack sound / sync issue . When this issue occurs channel number is changed to 0 for problematic channel : LogFile
  • gmanbelfastgmanbelfast Posts: 54WeTek Community Member
    Do you have to Zap to each channel to get all your EPG data to come through? @zbigzbig20
  • zbigzbig20zbigzbig20 Posts: 942WeTek Community Member
    edited October 2016
    Yes, I just open channel and wait a while . After short time epg list is full for few days. I don't know how it works for other providers but for polish from hb 13e is ok
  • Bradley69Bradley69 Posts: 134WeTek Community Member
    That kind of makes sense. Isnt the data stream different for all. I.e 28.2 you will only get a now and next. Looks like 13e couple of days.

    The only way to get a full EPG is to download this same as tvh. Can an option just be added to download it regardless of sat stream?
  • Bradley69Bradley69 Posts: 134WeTek Community Member
    This ia probably the same with the sound issue maybe?
  • gmanbelfastgmanbelfast Posts: 54WeTek Community Member
    edited October 2016
    Yeah, def not working here on DVB-C in the UK. I have to go to nearly each channel, if I go to a channel, it might update a few channels because it's on the same transponder. It's a real pain. I know 1 channel that carries EPG data for 7 days for all channels, it's used on e2 boxes but it dosnt work on the wetek. EPG really is a deal breaker for me even if it is only 1 day and not 7 days.
  • DarlakDarlak Posts: 1WeTek Community Member
    After upgrade to 1.3 I have big problem because Youtube and Netflix dosn't work normaly. If I want to start watching video I have only message "loading" (Netflix) or "Is problem with Video" (Youtube). How I can change this situation or where I find 1.2 firmware to download?
  • Nob06Nob06 Posts: 2WeTek Community Member
    After update to 1.3, I Have the same problem with Netflix, dosn't works. It can't connect when I try to play an item.... problem number 0013 tells the message error on Netflix.

    On OS 1.2 works well. How can I fix it?

  • zbigzbig20zbigzbig20 Posts: 942WeTek Community Member
    edited October 2016
    @ChristianTroy , today this error happend to me after changing channels (encrypted) ERROR: Can't open device /dev/dvb0.ca0 (errno=16 Device or resource busy).

    After restart o***m everything back to normal . Hope that it was only once. And happend again...
    And there is problem with youtube and netflix
  • DandroidDandroid Posts: 630WeTek Community Member
    I have been playing with build.prop, made my box into nvidia shield to see if I could install ATV netflix. All fine I thought, but then it wouldn't let me :( playstore recognised it, but wouldnt install. So clicked on normal netflix to see if it made a difference. And it seemed to be maxing out at 1750kbps, instead of previous 5800kbps. So I thought it didn't like something, so changed it back to original build.prop and it didn't work at all. So thought I broke it!

    Turns out it is the firmware, but strange thing is it works, sort of, if you change some parts of the build.prop to spoof a shield tv.
  • nelySLBnelySLB Posts: 6WeTek Community Member
    Broke suport for mele f10 deluxe
  • wwtechwwtech Posts: 12WeTek Community Member
    So far 1.3 is a big improvement. It fixed my audio issues, the press any button and recording stops issue and the not saving LOFs for DVB issue.

    I would love to see some documentation on the DVB setup. What do the Diseqc settings really mean, and is there any direct control of 22kHz? I need that.

    All the documentation I have seen says the * button is for menus, but it saves a screen shot.

    My only complaint (and I have not seen it here) is the big honking red 'REC' bug while recording. That needs to go!

    Thanks for a really good product.
  • bolt12bolt12 Posts: 280WeTek Community Member
    Seems that DVB work better but (Android) streaming doesn't work anymore - YouTube, netflix, sky go, amazon. Hope to be fixed soon
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