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Openelec (Jarvis) Libreelec (Krypton) - crashes

lukcineklukcinek Posts: 109WeTek Community Member
I have weird problem. On newest Openelec 7.0 (Jarvis) and three last Libreelec Krypton builds Wetek crashes when not in use for about 24/48h (wetek is on but I don't use it) . I don't know what is the problem...When this happens it works verrrrrrrry slow (1fps i suppose).
Any idea? Maybe memory leak?
PS: I have 3 externall Hdd connected to Wetek through USB Hub.
PS2: On older Openelec and Libreelec builds this situation did not take place.
Best regards


  • ThrallThrall Posts: 3,321WeTek Support Team
    Try to reproduce the same problem while using android OS.

    See if the same problem occurs.

    If yes contact the direct support at http://wetek.com/contact

    Best Regards

  • lukcineklukcinek Posts: 109WeTek Community Member
    Ok Thrall
    I test it on android and I let You (suport) know.
    Best regards
  • codesnakecodesnake Posts: 744WeTek Community Member, Developers
    This looks like a memory leak issue we are currently trying to solve at LibreELEC. Kodi slowly leaks memory and when it is low on memory it becomes very slow and then hangs completely.
  • lukcineklukcinek Posts: 109WeTek Community Member
    Hi codesnake
    I think this is my problem.
    I'm waiting for a solution (I hope it will come:)
    Best regards
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