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Weplayer & dvb-s2 tuner

dubaisatshopdubaisatshop Posts: 12WeTek Community Member
Can use Weplayer with dvb-s2 tuner to watch sat TV? If not, what is the best choice for this purpose?


  • ThrallThrall Posts: 2,908WeTek Support Team
    edited April 6
    No. as the tuner will not be recognized.
    Aren't you using wetek play 2?
    If yes, why don't you use weTV?

    If are using Hub or Core, you can consider USB tuner and run Libreelec through SDcard.

    Best Regards

  • dubaisatshopdubaisatshop Posts: 12WeTek Community Member
    Yes i use Wetek play2. How about LibreElec in SD card? can recognize tuner?

  • zbigzbig20zbigzbig20 Posts: 926WeTek Community Member
    Yes, on LE tuner works good
  • anajamesanajames Posts: 30WeTek Community Member
    It works good on LE tuner you can go for it.
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