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DVB S2 8PSK channels not scanning

zoobihoobizoobihoobi Posts: 59WeTek Community Member

I am facing an strange issue. I have 3 c band satellite with 1 universal LNB satellite. I configured it by selecting DisecQ 1.0

The issue is in DVB S2 8PSK channels' scanning.

There are 3 types of issues:

1 Few DVB S2 8PSK channels are being scanned like 4042 V DVB S2 2800 5/6 8PSK on Pasksat 38 degree
2. Some are being scanned by deducting 600 from frequency like 4155 H DVB S2 8PSK 9833 3/5 is scanned by manually using this frequency 3555 H DVB S2 8PSK 9833 3/5
3. Most of the channels are not being scanned even by using blind scan/deducting 600 like point 2, for example like 4180 V DVB S2 30000 3/4 8PSK on AsiaSat 7 , 3786 H DVB S2 29500 3/5 8PSK on Paksat etc.

The most of channels for 8PSK is not being scanned. If there were some issue in satellite position, all is not being scanned but some are scanning and some are not so there must be some other issue, don't know how.

Will somebody help to scan 8PSK cannels.

BTW I am facing same issue by using enigma 2 image on wetek like openATV, pbnigma etc. All image having same issue as mentioned above.


  • ThrallThrall Posts: 3,283WeTek Support Team
    You sure all the channels are 8psk?
    And are you sure the satellite is indeed the right position? Even if it scans some channels, it can miss the channels of different transponders, can you try to know the transponders that are being scanned? and if there is channels missing in the scanned transponders?

    What are the quality and signal values on the channels scanned?

    have you tried in android?

    Best Regards

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