wetek play 2 Light pink?

Hello good afternoon.
I have wetek play 2 with WeOS v2.0.2, and when I turn it off, the led changes from red to pink, sometimes red and other pink, and changes randomly.
Does it happen to anyone else?
thank you very much.


    Hello everyone. The truth is that it is very strange. When turned off, the LED light changes from red to pink at random. Has it happened to someone else?. thank you very much.
    Please, no one can help me?
  • NedScott
    Junior Member Posts: 1,120
    It sounds like a mild defect with the red LED. I would contact support at http://wetek.com/contact to formally file a ticket and see if they think it's worth being replaced. Unless the LED is at risk of burning out, then it might not be worth the hassle of getting it repaired. Unless you don't like pink ;)

    former WeTek Support team member, now just a friendly volunteer.
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