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Cant remove LE from Hub NAND install

HitcherHitcher Posts: 3WeTek Community Member
I want to try other ROMs but can't get any of the to install after installing LE to the NAND of my Hub. I've tried various mSD cards, formatters, etc but I either get the Wetek splash screen constanly until I release the reset button or the splash screen flashing on and of until I release the button; after which it boots back into LE.
Any suggestions?


  • ThrallThrall Posts: 3,321WeTek Support Team
    That is why we do not recommend you to install other OS in the internal NAND system.

    Let's try to revert to the oriental firmware, but in case this not work too and you need to send the device to repair center, warranty will not cover the repairs or the shipping costs.

    You need to download these files:

    Extract it until you get 4 files listed like this (Do not need to be in the same order)

    .zip file

    Copy them to a formmated (FAT32) SDcard

    After you have copied the files to your SDcard, follow these steps:

    Insert the SDcard with the files in your device.
    Power Off your device
    Disconnect your power supply.
    Underneath your Device, you have an update button (Small Hole)
    With the update nail provided in your package, press and hold that update button
    While pressing, connect your power supply
    Keep pressing the button for 10 more seconds.

    After the 10 seconds the installation will start automatically.

    You can follow this video to help you apply the steps i mentioned above,

    Best Regards

  • HitcherHitcher Posts: 3WeTek Community Member
    Thanks for the reply but unfortunately it's the same as before - the Wetek splash screen just keeps flashing on and off.
  • ThrallThrall Posts: 3,321WeTek Support Team
    edited May 2017
    In this case contact the direct support at http://wetek.com/contact
    Best Regads

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