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WP2 bricked after going back from Android TV to WeOS [SOLVED]

marc.a.hmarc.a.h Posts: 11WeTek Community Member
edited July 2017 in Android (WP2)
Hello everyone,
I did something very idotical.. I installed Android TV v2.2 and wanted to go back to WeOS v2.0.2. So, I booted into recovery-menu, wiped the old OS and installed WeOS. Since this moment my WP2 shows nothing on the screen and I can´t boot into recovery. I´m still able to boot from my sd-card (libreelec) but I want my Android back :'(
Please help me


  • ChopChopChopChop Posts: 35WeTek Community Member
    Option 1

    Connect serial cable and brake the boot with (CTRL+C)
    Until you get something like #interrupt

    then write this:


    Option 2

    Please try this clean install

    First you need to download this tool, to format your SDcard

    Second you need to download these files 4 files

    If you download as ZIP file extract it until you get 4 files listed like this (Do not need to be in the same order)
    - DB-J235-wetekplay2-master-ota-2017-01-19_17-46-13
    - DTB
    - factory_update_param
    - recovery

    Insert SD card in Wetek and let it install and boot.
  • ThrallThrall Posts: 3,320WeTek Support Team
    if the instructions provided above does not solve.
    contact the support at http://support.wetek.com..
    As you are aware, this process voids warranty so if you desire to have a repair, there is a change you may be charged for shipping and repair expenses depending on how damaged is the unit.

    Best Regards

  • nl09242nl09242 Posts: 5WeTek Community Member
    Hey guys,

    Can you explain me "depending on how damaged is the unit"?
    Come one guys, it just software that is not functioning. It's not the electronics that are caused damaged.

  • DandroidDandroid Posts: 626WeTek Community Member
    You can reflash with amlogic usb burning tool
  • ligreligreligreligre Posts: 4WeTek Community Member
    Yes.You can reflash with amlogic usb burning tool
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