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hub stopped working

geoffygeoffy Posts: 1WeTek Community Member
Hi Folks! New here. Name is Geoff. From canada. i recently bought a used wetek hub, and i learned how to install and enable addons from the net. so, i did. then i transferred the machine to my living room. no internet there, just wifi. in my bedroom, it was hardwired to my modem.

so, since i couldn't find where to enable wifi on the machine, i unplugged it and brought it back to the bedroom to enable wifi from there.

got it back there, and hooked up, no go. no light, no nothing. i tried everything. different adaptor,( 5 volt) i had one, nope , nada. different tv, nope. left it unplugged for hours, nothing. no light, no vibration no hum.
i took the back off, couldn't see anything i could fix, and put the cover back on and left it again overnight unplugged. plugged it back in, nothing.

any thing folks???



  • TheodorTheodor Posts: 126WeTek Community Member
    Different adaptor.did you blow up the hub.....
  • ThrallThrall Posts: 3,321WeTek Support Team
    edited July 2017
    When you get back to the bedroom have you connected to Hub PSU or to a random one?
    Unfortunately, from what you stated above, seems like there is nothing that can be done now.

    Best Regards

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