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Update clarification

newclaudnewclaud Posts: 32WeTek Community Member
edited July 24 in Android (WP2)
1. From [WeOS 1.3 BASED] Android TV v1.1 (ricardopvz), can I update to [Marshmallow] Android TV v2.2 (always ricardopvz);
2. Are these the steps? Download the zip, put in an sdcard, go to recovery and flash it. If you come from the stock ROM (or a V1.x of this ROM), make a factory reset in the recovery before flashing or you may have problems

4. Can I update to WeOS v3.1 by OTA for WeTek Play 2 [Android Marshmallow 6.0.1] form [WeOS 1.3 BASED] Android TV v1.1 (ricardopvz) or [Marshmallow] Android TV v2.2 (always ricardopvz)?
5. Are always steps from point 2?

Thanks in advance.


  • ThrallThrall Posts: 2,908WeTek Support Team
    Hi, first i would like to let you know that if your device may get faulty due these actions warranty will not cover it.

    Regarding your question, The only way to change from one rom to another.
    (From ATV to weOS or from weOS to ATV) is always required to perform your second step.

    Copy the zip to the sdcard
    update via ext
    Select zip
    Factory reset to prevent complication.

    Best Regards

  • wrxtasywrxtasy Posts: 1,195WeTek Community Member
    edited July 26
    These combos will work:
    WeOS3.1 <<-->> Android TV ROM 2.2 (WeOS 3.1based)
    WeOS3.1 <<-->> Nuke WeTV - WeOS 3.1 Firmware patch
    ATV 2.2 ROM <<-->> WeOS3.1

    WeOS 2.0.2 -->> WeOS3.1
    WeOS 2.0.2 -->> ATV 2.2 ROM
    ATV 1.1 ROM -->> WeOS3.1
    ATV 1.1 ROM -->> ATV 2.2 ROM

    Android Lollipop -->> Marshmallow = Yes

    And as @Thrall said always remember to do a Factory Reset

    These combos will brick the Play2/Hub:
    WeOS3.1 >> WeOS2.0.2
    ATV 2.2 ROM >> WeOS 2.0.2
    ATV 2.2 ROM >> ATV 1.1 ROM

    Android Marshmallow -->> Android Lollipop = NO
  • newclaudnewclaud Posts: 32WeTek Community Member
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