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[OpenELEC-TVHeadend] Picons for 13.0E, 19.2E, 23.5E and 28.2E

MoraXMoraX Posts: 5WeTek Community Member

here you can find nearly every Channel Icon for you area in different sizes and colour schemas.



  • rot30rot30 Posts: 850WeTek Community Member
    Thank you for registering on the wetekforums and these useful links.
    I am sure that many people in the WeTek community will appreciate it.
  • MoraXMoraX Posts: 5WeTek Community Member
    Just found it and thought you like it.

    BTW: that's not my work! Just found it on the internet
  • coley65coley65 Posts: 48WeTek Community Member
    which set do I need for openelec running the standard confluence skin I only need them for 28E
  • LuPoXLuPoX Posts: 24WeTek Community Member
    nothing found on link :/
  • MasterChief117MasterChief117 Posts: 3,707Administrator - WeTek Community Manager
    LuPoX said:

    nothing found on link :/

    Maybe they moved it on GitHub

    But i didn't found any info

    Best regards

  • pblgmzpblgmz Posts: 66WeTek Community Member
    Might you please update the link?
    Thanks in advance
  • LeapOfFaithLeapOfFaith Posts: 11WeTek Community Member
    Hi all I found some great software called e-channelizer very useful for picons. You open your channel setttings like vhannibal for example and then import any picons. The great part is you can then export all picons to SRP.
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