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[TUTORIAL] Setting up DVB-C on Android with Wetek Theater

rot30rot30 Posts: 850WeTek Community Member
This step-by-step tutorial will help you find and setup DVB-C TV channels on the Wetek Play.

Plug in the AC/DC power adapter supplied with your Wetek Play into the Wetek Play and then plug in that power supply into a wall socket.
Now connect the WeTek Play to the TV or monitor with the appropriate cable (a HDMI cable is supplied with your device).
Connect the cable from your cable television provider to the Witek Play's DVB-C/T tuner module. Make sure that the cable connector is fully inserted into the WeTek Play's DVB-C/T tuner module's IN connector.

Turn on your WeTek Play along with your TV or monitor and switch your TV or monitor to the interface your WeTek Play is connected to if this isn't already the case.

Wait for the device to boot if it already hasn't.
You will soon be greeted with the WeTek Play's desktop and main menu.


Using the Wetek Play's remote control (also supplied with the device - batteries not included) select the TV app on the main menu with the arrow buttons.


You will then have to select "Wetek Theater" and press the "OK button".


Wetek Theater's first run setup wizard will appear.
Select "Start Configuration" if it already isn't selected and press the "OK button".


*If Wetek Theater's first run setup wizard fails to launch on your first run of Wetek Theater you will have to take the following steps in order to start setting up DVB-C TV channels on your device.

*Press the "Wetek button" on your Wetek remote.


This will open up the "Settings" of Wetek Theater.

You should now see the "Antenna settings" tab.


Press the "Right button" on your Wetec Play's remote to enter the menu in the "Antenna settings" tab and set the "Signal Type:" to "DVB-C Allband" if this already isn't the case (see above picture).

*The LCN option, if turned on, will sort any found DVB-C channels by their LCN numbers automatically.

Now you can start scanning for DVB-C channels by either using the "Auto Scan" or "Manual Scan".

For this tutorial we will be using the "Auto Scan" option. Select "Auto Scan" and press the "OK button".


The scan should start immediately. It might take a few minutes to complete.


If the scan failed or was interrupted for any reason you may restart the scan by following the steps specified for *"Wetek Theater's first run setup wizard failure" above.

Once the scan is complete press the "Back button".


To get a list of all the discovered DVB-C TV channels press either the "Left button" or the "Right button" or hold the "OK button" for about two seconds.
*Once the channel list appears the "Left button" and "Right button" will be interpreted as "Page Up" and "Page Down" respectively.
To browse all the discovered DVB-C TV channels use the "Up button" & "Down button" with or without the channel list.


In order to browse the "Radio" or "Favorites" lists you will, for now, have to activate the "Air mouse" by pressing the button on the back of your Wetek Play remote control. And "clicking" the left or right arrows on the channel list's title bar.


*If you would like to adjust the aspect ratio of your Wetek Play's video output you can do so in the "Display" tab of Wetek Theater's "Setting".


I hope this tutorial was helpful.


  • Tybie StyanTybie Styan Posts: 1WeTek Community Member
    Thank you the such a valuable information. Hope it will be helpful for me to install my set top box and also android on it. but i want to more about the DVB-C TV and Wetek Play.

    prototype pcb assembly
  • waldeiswaldeis Posts: 1WeTek Community Member
    thanks for this tutorial - excellent help - next question is how/where do I enter my line for the other channels ?


  • jonoowenjonoowen Posts: 2WeTek Community Member
    Thanks for tutorial , maybe someone can help , when I am scanning I am picking up no channels ? And ideas ,
    When I scan using pb image it picks up all channels , just can't them working
  • redgredg Posts: 2WeTek Community Member
    Thanks for this tutorial, but actually it's not getting all the Channel.
    I have a dreambox where i can Scan more than 500 Channel (i am not imcluding the radio)
    When i do scan the TV with this tutorial or even manually i got only around 250 channel, and there is some that i am usually watching that are not present.

    I see that the auto scan or even manual scan is not scanning all frequency, it jumping each frequency by 6 to 9 Mhz so i think it miss some frequency where the other channel are.
    Is there a way to do that properly ?

    I am based in Switzerland and i am using DVB-C.
  • sirdezzysirdezzy Posts: 18WeTek Community Member
    I have found Wetek Theatre app to be lacking in a lot of areas and there has been no update for it for a long time.

    Lack of EPG source.
    Scan only picks up 5 channels.

    I suspect there is an issue with drivers for the DVB-C. I have tried uploading a channel list to see if that will work however I just get a blank screen.

    OpenELEC however works great, scans every channel.
  • sandogsandog Posts: 38WeTek Community Member
    Are you able to get prem channels or is this setup like when you use the tuner in your tv and plug your cable line ... You just get basic cable channels
  • AnimaAnima Posts: 1,988WeTek Support Team
    Hello @sandog

    You will found all the channels, but only be able to watch the FTA ones.
    Premium channels will be encrypted/locked.

    Best regards

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