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Question about this box on cm11.

gurancoguranco Posts: 3WeTek Community Member
Hi everybody,

I've ordered a wetek play previously, this one should arrive tomorrow, I've some questions about it.

1- The DVBS2 tuner is a dual tuner or mono ? If it's a dual, does it support the software looping ( like vu+ does).

3- Actualy, I've a vu+ solo 2 (enigma 2 stb), I want know if I can use the same settings (channel list files) on the wetek play.

Thank's un advance.

Nice day.


  • GuRuGuRu Posts: 588WeTek Community Member
    1. DVBS2 tuner is a stereo tuner, no software support the looping lnb.
    2. not recommend use Un-official CM11 (but it have all you need)
    3. yes, Wetek have converter\editor
  • gurancoguranco Posts: 3WeTek Community Member
    [USER="37"]GuRu[/USER] : Thanks for your quick reply , last question : I dont realy like the WeTek Theater, I prefere the Kodi LiveTV Gui, is it possible to use it as default Gui instead of the WeTek Theater ?

    Can someone give me a link of a tutoriel showing how to update Kodi ( XBMC ).

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