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Canalsat French on Astra 19.2

wizhackwizhack Posts: 14WeTek Community Member
Hello here is a clean canalsat channel list for french DVBS tvheadend, i have numbered like canalsat do (VOD are not listed so it does -1 in numbering)
The priority was given for HD channels
You can use this thread for insert channels http://wetekforums.com/vb5/forum/wetek-play/linux/openelec/tutorials-aa/400-tutorial-howto-restore-your-tvheadend-settings

i use online service (http://www.lyngsat.com/packages/CanalSat-France.html) for picons wich can be easily configure with tvheadedit
I put the tvheadedit in another zip file ;)

first of all BACKUP everything in tvheadend folder !!!!

here is how you can get most of picons easily
For loading tvh db you need to go in preferences> TVH database you need to put path to service.multimedia.tvheadend in my case > \\OPENELEC\Userdata\addon_data\service.multimedia.t vheadend
then go to FILE>load tvh db
after that you need to choose channels list in SHOW> channels
ACTION > scrape logo with lyngsat db (you don't need radio for tv channels ;) )
after push save now button, then write to DB

Channels are encrypted for most (all?) of them, so you need ***** and the rest of the stuff for running :D
Ive got some issues with chérie 25 for the moment im working on it.

If you have insults, thanks you know how to do :)


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