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  • aditadit Posts: 55WeTek Community Member
    +1. I need samba to share hdd, but no plugins feed.. any help?
  • sleepingkarmasleepingkarma Posts: 108WeTek Community Member
    you can try changing the feeds with a valid address

  • karolskarols Posts: 17WeTek Community Member
    And what about the new version of Mnigma.
    She came to me very much and there is a much better image than some. I think that there is more. We visit.
  • grabbergrabber Posts: 38WeTek Community Member
    wetekcec_0.5_all.ipk can someone upload this ipk ? Thanks.
  • artouirosartouiros Posts: 19WeTek Community Member
    I am sorry to revive old thread, but what can I do now when zapto.org feed is dead? I really need to install OpenVPN but cannot find a way to do it. Feeds are dead, can I somehwere find .ipk for this CPU?
  • marsupilamimarsupilami Posts: 53WeTek Community Member
    There might be, but not sure about timing.
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