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Onkyo AV receiver and OPENELEC HOWTO

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I have an Onkyo TX-NR646 and was having issues controlling my Core via CEC. I have the Core hooked up to HDMI3, which I’ve assigned to STRM BOX. Core would show a message connecting to the NR646, but I had no control. After some googling, it appears that only the BD/DVD and TV remote modes have CEC programming/codes by default. After programming the BD/DVD button to code 32910, CEC control of Core worked like a charm!

Steps to repeat – Onkyo TX-NR646 with RC-898M remote:
1. Hook up Core to HDMI3
2. Assign BD/DVD to HDMI3 port – link
3. Turn on CEC on NR646 – link
4. Turn on CEC on OE (Settings - System - Input devices - Peripherals)
5. Press and hold BD/DVD and DISPLAY buttons on remote for 3 seconds until led lights up solid.
6. Enter a CEC code (I had success with 32910) – link
7. Led will flash and go dark.

You should be good to go. You should be able to use a different source/HDMI port if the BD/DVD source is already taken.
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