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Banner display suggestion

scasaleiroscasaleiro Posts: 44WeTek Community Member
Hello everybody,

I have this suggestion for the launcher:

I realized that when i add more 7 apps on the home screen, it looked like this:

And the 8th banner is cutted out and we have to move on the remote to see it.

My idea is to place the remaining banner below, so we could see more banners, like this mockup i did:

What do you think? It's doable/significant? I think it would be awesome :smiley:



  • MrsofsofMrsofsof Posts: 41WeTek Community Member
    Your idea would Only suit me, if more then one row existent, you can show and hide the Rest by clicking or something.

    But always so many apps viewed seems pretty ugly to me
  • AnimaAnima Posts: 1,988WeTek Support Team
    Hello @scasaleiro

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    I'm sure the ones responsible will take this into consideration

    Best regards

  • JJ-KwiKJJ-KwiK Posts: 265WeTek Community Member
    edited April 2016
    I really like the idea. I would even take it one step further. The ability to add custom rows with custom headers. Just so it doesn't show up as one big block of apps.

    App 1 - 7

    Games 1 - 7

    Tools 1 - 7


    I'm also being a little nitpicky, but I would really like the ability to customize the order in which the settings, network, usb/SD, power and weather are displayed. Maybe even the option to hide those icons if desired?

    I'll post a mockup when I get a chance.

    Here's a really bad mockup.
  • scasaleiroscasaleiro Posts: 44WeTek Community Member
    ^This would be awesome as well! Specially the custom rows :D
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