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LIRC custom add-on

tisforthomastisforthomas Posts: 12WeTek Community Member
Dear overworked and underappreciated WeTek developers,

Please make a Kodi / OpenElec add-on which will simplify the process of configuring LIRC to work with an IR remote. An add-on which provides something like the simplicity of FLIRC but without the need for a clumsy USB receiver.

And possibly with some pre-configured maps for popular remotes. Like the Xbox One Media remote - perhaps the perfect remote for Kodi / OpenElec.

Thanks for your time.



  • MC117MC117 Posts: 3,707Administrator - WeTek Community Manager
    Thank you for the suggestion

    I'll forward it to the development team

    Best regards

  • NE0NE0 Posts: 808WeTek Community Member

    I'm already working on a script/add-on for this purpose. When ready I'll notify you here.
  • tisforthomastisforthomas Posts: 12WeTek Community Member
    Is there any progress with the script / add-on?
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