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[Tutorial] How to update WeTek Hub - Manually, Automatically and New Installations

MC117MC117 Posts: 3,707Administrator - WeTek Community Manager
Hello everyone.

These video tutorial's are meant to help our beloved community to update their WeTek Hub.

How to update WeTek Hub manually.

- Please download: https://mega.nz/#!1Uxi1RYD!XhIpcg1ovw3plc4WSAuhUY2irNNdPW5YrBjJeOAgxW8

Then just need to copy the wetekhub-ota-20160711.zip to mSD card

Insert on WeTek Hub, then follow the video:

How to update WeTek Hub automatically, please follow this video:

How to make a clean installation:

- Please download: https://mega.nz/#F!DRplCSrB!x3vM7EjtEf2htNzv9UVfOQ

Then just need to copy these files to the mSD card

- wetekhub-ota-20160711.zip
- factory_update_param.aml
- recovery.img

Insert on WeTek Hub, then follow the video:

Hope it helps

Best regards


  • gonpgonp Posts: 7WeTek Community Member

    My hub does not boot anymore (after trying to flash LE on eMMC) , and I am now trying to make a new 'clean installation' following the instructions here, but having problems...

    I have all the files in the sdcard. It starts booting but hangs in the process, it stops at 'ramoops: using module parameters'

    full serial log file is here:

    Any hint?

    How can I re-install u-boot on a wetek hub (soft recovery)?

  • AnimaAnima Posts: 1,988WeTek Support Team
    Hello @gonp

    First you will need an Android version .zip file to complete recovery.
    download one from the first post.

    After that Download this file: WeTek Hub Uboot

    Now format a mSD card with FAt 32, copy the U-boot.bin file into it (not the .rar)

    Insert mSD card into Hub

    Connect your debug cable to the Hub, and to your PC (serial connection needed)

    Just like the Play : Tutorial on how to Serial connection here

    Connect power cable to Hub

    As soon you got the first log lines on terminal session, break boot using CTRL+C keys.

    You should now have a prompt “wetek_hub# “, if you fail to get it, please restart box by plug out/in power cable

    Now type this command:

    sdc_update bootloader u-boot.bin

    It should be something similar to this:

    wetek_hub#sdc_update bootloader u-boot.bin
    Device: SDIO Port B
    Manufacturer ID: 28
    OEM: 4245
    Tran Speed: 50000000
    Rd Block Len: 512
    SD version 3.0
    High Capacity: Yes
    Capacity: 14.9 GiB
    Bus Width: 4-bit
    [fat]Filesize is 0x164000B[1M]
    [fat]0x:leftSz 2000 < BPS 8000, gotSz 2000
    [MSG]Down(store) part(bootloader) sz(0x164000) fmt(normal)
    [MSG]totalSlotNum = 0, nextWriteBackSlot 23
    [fat]Filesize is 0x164000B[1M]
    [fat]0x:leftSz 4000 < BPS 8000, gotSz 4000
    [MSG]Burn Start...
    mmc switch to boot0 success
    mmc switch to boot1 success
    mmc switch to user success
    [MSG]align bootloader sz from 0x164000 to 0x200000
    [MSG]Burn complete
    BURN u-boot.bin to part bootloader OK!
    =====>Burn part bootloader in fmt normal OK<======

    After this just type:


    And again try to break with CTRL+C

    You should now have a prompt “wetek_hub# “

    Just type this command: run recovery_from_flash

    After this you should see your Wetek Hub booting into recovery mode in the TV.

    Remove mSD card from Hub, put it on your PC again, copy the .zip file with the Android version for the Hub on it.
    Place it again on the Hub.

    Do apply from EXT-> SD card-> and select .zip file

    Should start installing the build, and after that should boot normally into android :)

    Best regards

  • gonpgonp Posts: 7WeTek Community Member
    Thanks Anima,

    that is very useful.
    look like I also had a bad recovery image on flash, so I had to put a good one on the sdcard to make it work. Anyway, my hub is back!

  • francesco1francesco1 Posts: 10WeTek Community Member
    Is it possible to have back the files to make a clean installation? The old threads of releases don't have the same 3 files:
    • wetekhub-ota-XXXXX.zip
    • factory_update_param.aml
    • recovery.img
    So i cannot make a clean installation of WeOS 2.X.
  • marcomaumarcomau Posts: 2WeTek Community Member
    the link from mega is not working
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