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LibreELEC 7.1.0 / Kodi 16.1 for the Play2 by wrxtasy



  • NedScottNedScott Posts: 1,123WeTek Community Member
    If what you describe is not an exaggeration then I would say your box is defective. There is nothing about WePlayer or SPMC that should buffer or have audio sync issues. It shouldn't lock up like that, certainly not that often.

    I have no problems admitting things that are wrong, but what you describe is not normal behavior. Please, fill out the forum on http://wetek.con/contact and we will get this fixed.

    former WeTek Support team member, now just a friendly volunteer.
  • shinyandyshinyandy Posts: 21WeTek Community Member
    I have no reason to exaggerate, I just want a reliable htpc
  • ThrallThrall Posts: 3,321WeTek Support Team
    s25a said:


    I can only confirm. WEOS 2.01 stock rom.. Flashed this image from 1st post to SDcard and boot to SDCARD. It's unpacking and resizing the partition so seems to work but than after the reboot only boot loops. This box is really frustrating.


    What you mean ? Contact the direct support at http://wetek.com/contact and provide a video showing this behavior.

    best Regards

  • boukheznaboukhezna Posts: 101WeTek Community Member
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