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Wetek Play Clone ( What is this ) TocomBox Bold HD

ygor.almeidaygor.almeida Posts: 5WeTek Community Member
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Hi guys,

while looking in internet for some infos, i just found out a android box called Tocombox Bold HD
Processador CPU AMLogic AML-872 MX (1,5 GHz Dual Core)
GPU: Mali MP400 (Dual Core)
4GB de memória Flash NAND
Plug & Play Tuners
DVB-S2 (satélite)
DVB-C /T/T2 (Cabo / terrestre)
Wireless LAN: 802.11 B/G/N
Bluetooth 4.0
Ethernet 10/100 Mbit
Suporta Wifi 2.4 Ghz
Micro SD: 1x
USB 2.0 5X (3 externo, 2 internas)
Debug Serial: Sim, externa
Saída A/V: 1x
HDMI: 1x
Tomada de alimentação: DC In
LED: 3x (Power, LAN, WiFi)
IR: Sim
RF: Com movimento RCU

This is exactly Wetek Play

It comes with Android 4.2.2 and a "Special Card" IPTV that needs to activate.

I saw some youtube (sorry on brazilian) abou the box itself.

But looks like TocomBox just forked or clone it without permission i think.

I know ( or it was supposed ) that Wetek are former ex-members of AzBox Team ( Open*something team ). But who the hell allowed to fork this device.

Looks like it will be possible to buy it using some stores from Paraguay ( For Brazil ) here it's ok - for about 100 us$ ... it arrives at brazilian market next weeks for about 600 Reais. I have no information about aditional turner.


What did you guys know or have to say about this ??


  • MC117MC117 Posts: 3,707Administrator - WeTek Community Manager

    The world is made by clones
    Phones, tablets and so on...

    If they made one we will take a look.
    Thank you for the heads up.

    Sorry but we don't know any company Azbox
    It seems the company closed a few years ago.
    So nothing to do with us.

    Best regards

  • 1999gtv1999gtv Posts: 174WeTek Community Member
    At 7 minutes 45 in last video there is an app that says wetek with a movie camera symbol on it
  • MC117MC117 Posts: 3,707Administrator - WeTek Community Manager
    It's Chinese...

    Chinese are the best on copy paste.

    But thanks again

  • ygor.almeidaygor.almeida Posts: 5WeTek Community Member

    Thanks guys ... i was looking to find out more info ... its really hard to buy that unit !!
    I will try to check here, and put my hands on ... according to some sources, they are selling the box with a private IKS Censure configured - from their own system used on other STBs.

    Anyway thx for help
  • MC117MC117 Posts: 3,707Administrator - WeTek Community Manager
    But it doesn't have anything with us.

    Once again thanks for the heads up

    I will close now the topic since it's solved

    Best regards

  • ygor.almeidaygor.almeida Posts: 5WeTek Community Member
    MasterChief117, just for information.
    This is the first update since release of the current clone ( i'm not sure how much did they copied or not )
    (!less_than_int(1474003481, getprop("ro.build.date.utc"))) || abort("Can't install this package (ven 16 set 2016, 07.24.41, CEST) over newer build (" + getprop("ro.build.date") + ").");
    getprop("ro.product.device") == "g18" || abort("This package is for \"g18\" devices; this is a \"" + getprop("ro.product.device") + "\".");
    It looks like also comes with root inside as supersu is presented in /bin with busybox
    ro.real_device=Tocombox Bold
  • TwinBoxTwinBox Posts: 1WeTek Community Member
    edited July 2017
    Olá pessoal.

    Poderiam dar-me uma ajuda com este modelo, o TocomBox Bold?
    Tenho um e perdeu-se o boot original dele (corrompeu-se), nisto eu coloquei o firmware do Wetek Play (WeTek OS 1.1.8 for WeTek Play). Agora ele inicia como Wetek Play na "SplashScreen", porém não passa dela, ficando apenas a reiniciar (looping). E como o idpositivo agora é um "wetek", e não mais um "g18", não posso fazer uma atualziação através do console de recuperação do Android, pois ele somente aceita um dispositivo "wetek".
    Tem como eu ter algum sistema não-original nele? O fabricante não fornece o aquivo de recuperação (recovery.img), somente os arquivos do tipo "OTA Update" (http://www.mediafire.com/file/7886f0hu0f1gabl/g18-ota-20170118.zip) então não tenho como voltar ao original, com restaurando o "boot" (não existe o recovery.img no pacote).
    No momento ele está como "Vigica C60T TV Box", já que com o Wetejk OS estava a reiniciar no boot. Foi o único "Android Box" com hardware semelhante que achei, e que tinha no "recovery.img" no pacote de atualização, e assim criei um mSD para recuperação automática (ligar o aparelho com o mSD inserido). Iniciou o sistema e tal, mas não é totalmente compatível, ficando sem o Wi-Fi, etc. E como eu somente o posso usar por Wi-Fi, fiquei a ver navios.

    Não queria que ele servisse de peso de papel; nem para isto o tal presta -- não é tão pesado assim. Queria ao menos que funcionasse como um Android Box, assim eu poderia usar para o Kodi, etc. Alguém pode ajudar-me nisto?

  • ThrallThrall Posts: 3,321WeTek Support Team
    @TwinBox Este fórum é apenas para produtos WeTek.
    Deverás procurar ajuda junto da equipa de support da marca do teu equipamento.


  • sariksarik Posts: 5WeTek Community Member

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