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Problems to conect with dreamset

PereBPereB Posts: 29WeTek Community Member
I connect Wetek play 2 in my network and I connect if I write my IP in the computer and I can go to WETEK WEB. The problem it's that when I use dreamset and I can't connect my computer with WP2. I have this message: check yout ftp parameters connecting to ftp://root dreambox@192.168.X.XX is not possible connect. I'm sure that the IP is OK. What I can do ? It's necessary to touch something before in WP2.


  • ThrallThrall Posts: 3,321WeTek Support Team
    This is the ftp connections were shut down.

    You need to install an application

    Follow this guide

    Remember to not use the port 21.

    After this, the only thing you need to do is type the ftp port that you are using with the application.

    Best Regards

  • PereBPereB Posts: 29WeTek Community Member
    Perfect. With FTP, thanks
  • colinbankscolinbanks Posts: 1WeTek Community Member
    edited August 2017
    Thanks, I had the same problem with Wetek play
  • john121john121 Posts: 2WeTek Community Member
    Hi guys,
    Hoping you can help me. I'm new to this and also new to dreamset.
    However iv'e managed to connect to dreamset and get into my vu duo box.

    My main question is that I have manually configured all my Bouquets and channels from my box. Now I want to know how I can save all these bouquets and channels which I have configured from the box into dreamset? So basically want to import all boquets and channels from my box to dreamset and save them in dreamset or my desktop, so that if my box ever gets wiped I have a copy in dreamset or my desktop.

    I would really appreciate if someone can advise if theres a way to do this or how I should do it.


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