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Mandrake0Mandrake0 Posts: 1WeTek Community Member
Hi all,

i just got a play 2 with SAT module and there are some bugs. the firmware is android wetek 2.0.2 i had to use the usb stick manual update because OTA didn't work.

current bug list:

1. when the device shuts down it looses the time. automatic update doesn't work with wifi connection, when i set it manually it wont help
2. sometimes i get randomly a quirky short noise sound (0.1 sec)
3. not a bug but i can't sort the tv list
4. visual highlighting is so low that in some cases you don't know where you are in the menu. (it's i think a theming issue)

that's it for my bug list. the first two are for me important to be fixed. how can i solve this problem?

thanks for your help


  • ThrallThrall Posts: 3,321WeTek Support Team

    Our team is currently aware of the OTA update problems, and we are working to solve this problem.

    1) True, is not a bug, it is actually the way it works. Play 2 has no internal battery, so when you turn it off, it does not save the time, only when connected to the internet it can display the right time.

    2) Would be possible for you to give more details about this?
    - When you are using the weTV, weplayer, kodi, any other application,
    - What is your sound setup? Are you using any AVR, the HDMI provided in the purchase? Is it completely random? Or do you notice a pattern when this occurs?

    3) Yes, it is also not a bug, but our team is working to improve the settings and features of our wetv. No ETA for now.

    4) It is also true, but with only some tv's. A quick around is to change the contrast on the tv this improve this a highlight considerably.

    I hope i could clarify all your doubts.

    Best Regards

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