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Google Play Store missing

flickerflicker Posts: 3WeTek Community Member
Just noticed now after the 3.0.2 update that the Play Store is missing.
Is that normal?

Also Kodi Krypton failed to run and other apps seem to be more unstable.


  • khairopkhairop Posts: 11WeTek Community Member
    the same. where is play store? Can someone from wetek kore product management team provide a list of features-fixes for the next releae?
  • NedScottNedScott Posts: 1,123WeTek Community Member
    Go into the launcher settings by pressing the menu button and going to "launcher" then "apps", and that should let you make Google Play visible again (darkened apps are hidden) by simply selecting it.

    As for Kodi, personally, I wouldn't use Krypton yet. I would use WePlayer or SPMC for the time being, until Krypton gets a bug fix release or two.

    former WeTek Support team member, now just a friendly volunteer.
  • escozulescozul Posts: 6WeTek Community Member
    I face the same problem, on my wetek.core
    So I did a factory reset and I still saw no play store. So I found it dimmed in the launcher and I enabled it. However although the play store is available again, I cannot connect to it. I cannot connect to any google service to be honest. Not even youtube or gmail... Nothing.

    Any ideas?
  • WhoAmIWhoAmI Posts: 124WeTek Community Member
    Wetek have abandoned us all for a while now. I had a brilliant idea....I went to a better company for a better, more reliable product ;) No more Wetek rubbish in this household!
  • escozulescozul Posts: 6WeTek Community Member
    Hello Guys.

    I'd suggest people to add more usefull comments in a thread where people ask how to solve a particular problem.

    The answer "I bought another company's product" is not a solution it's very close to trolling considering the fact that we probably have subscriptions in this thread.

    Anyway I figured it out and posted the solution here: https://www.wetekforums.com/v/discussion/32495/managed-to-get-google-play-store-working-on-the-core-and-connect-to-my-google-account-here-is-how
  • WhoAmIWhoAmI Posts: 124WeTek Community Member

    I'd suggest you go check out the definition of a troll. I didn't mention the other company by name etc.

    The answer "I bought another company's product" WAS a solution for me and others I know personally.

    How dare you preach to me on what I can or cannot post!!!

    Just to add, two of my mates who held on to their Cores attempted your 'fix' and it didn't work for them so it isn't a universal solution :(
  • escozulescozul Posts: 6WeTek Community Member
    What exactly do you want now? Just get them in the forum and ask them to contact me.

    If you want to preach that you don't like the core do it on another thread. That thread should have people who make comments to the point. You can make a thread titled "Why I gave up on my core" and I can join you in there.

    HOWEVER, that thread will lead somewhere if we don't have people getting out of context.

    The answer "I bought another company's product" Is not a solution as we look for a solution for THIS particular product. That answer can very well suit all cases:
    - I got a flat tire
    - go buy another car!
    - Thank you! no more flat tire!

    If you can't get the analogy, it's not my fault. You should, however.

    And please, if you want to say something just decide on a channel and post it. No need to send me both a PM AND a post on the forums. I believe that this also falls in the definition of trolling.

    As well as the remark "I know a friend of a friend who could not make it work"
  • WhoAmIWhoAmI Posts: 124WeTek Community Member
    You have also 'trolled' me with this post which you also sent as a seperate PM. I shall repeat what I said in reply in fairness to everyone else:
    "What a strange person you are. I feel so sorry for you. I wish you well in your role as a self appointed moderator :D
    None of my friends will be contacting you. They are convinced by this angry and strange message you sent that you are either a juvenile or have some sort of personal issue. I hope you get help with your anger issues".
    I'd ask you where I said "I know a friend of a friend who could not make it work" when I actually said " two of my mates". Please don't misquote other posters, it's sloppy forum etiquette.
    I have nothing more to say as I don't have a Core anymore and will be leaving the forum immediately on signing out. The competition wins hands down in terms of reliability and proper support.
    Sayonara peeps.
  • escozulescozul Posts: 6WeTek Community Member
    You like copy-pasting I guess. I send you the answer twice after first responding to your pm and then I saw that you also posted here. So AFTER seing that I reposted here.

    And you did it again! You PMed me and posted the same here... why? Once is enough...

    If you want to label people with "issues" you can do so but nobody will take you seriously man. You just try to be insulting but without any credibility your insult is vague. SO... I have no issues except with people who are not being constructive.

    The "I know a friend of a friend of a friend etc etc" was not a quote. Nobody thought it was a quote. I exaggerated while making a point. In any case, if the tutorial above doesn't work, you can always contact me and get it sorted out... IN A CONSTRUCTIVE WAY...

    So disregarding our rant here, The solution above seems to work as I did it already twice by factory resetting my device.

    However since I do not have a bunch of devices to test, mine resets to weos 3.0.2 and on that version, I am able to log into my google account using the method above.

    I can't imagine why it would not work for other devices but I suppose that if someone described the steps they took and what error it displayed, we could figure it out.
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