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wetek hub app permits root

Lorenzo87Lorenzo87 Posts: 1WeTek Community Member

salve, vivo in italia ed ho comprato un wetek hub.
una volta connesso a internet ho scaricato app tipo "premium play" o "tim vision" ma non riesco a vedere i film nonostante abbia fatto eseguito l'accesso con le mie credenziali.
allego immagine della schermata che mi si presenta.
chiedo aiuto per risolvere.
Grazie Lorenzo

hi, I live in Italy and I bought a wetek hub.
Once connected to the Internet have downloaded apps like "premium play" or "tim vision" but I can not see the movie despite the fact logged in as me.
I attach a screen shot that presents itself to me.
I ask for help to solve.
Thanks Lorenzo


  • ThrallThrall Posts: 3,321WeTek Support Team
    The Hub is not Rooted.

    But this applications are mobile, and they can lock when recognising they are not running on a Mobile or Tablet.

    If you are using Ethernet Cable try to disable it. But this might also be related to HDMI interface or any other hardware component not recognisable as mobilehardware.

    Best Regards

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