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Wetek Play 1 - Which Wetek OS to Install ?

foxyboyfoxyboy Posts: 12WeTek Community Member
Hi, i have a wetek play 1 and was wondering which wetek os i should be installing ?
I realize there were differences in the boot order so i dont want to break anything.

I would like all the latest updates (android & kodi) BUT i want to boot from SD always as i mostly run Pbnigma6.1 from sd.

Can you install wetekos 1.1.8 with old bootloader ?

Im a little confused and i dont see changelogs anywhere.

Can someone please tell me what i should be looking to install ?


  • ThrallThrall Posts: 3,321WeTek Support Team
    edited September 2017
    If you have WeTek play 1, the normal device. I recommend you to stick with Android.
    If you have an OpenELEC edition, then you should stick with OpenELEC / Libreelec OS.

    Unfortunately, android for play 1, is the Android 4, therefore, you will not be able to have the most updated version of Kodi on Android.

    You can dual boot using an SDcard with Libreelec using the most updated version. But since you do use PGnigma already dual booting.

    You need to know what you desire to run and use, and will guide you on how to install it.

    Best Regards

  • foxyboyfoxyboy Posts: 12WeTek Community Member
    edited September 2017
    Thanks for the quick response, yes i have an OpenElec edition. I didnt realise i could dual boot with LibreElec and since i would be limited with androind4 perhaps installing latest libreelec onto nand and configuring it would be the best option. I would be mostly using kodi on android anyway so having libreelec configured on nand as an option would be good.

    I am using Pbnigma6.1 (with kodi 17 embedded) on SD card for viewing satellite, iptv and accessing my nas.
  • fungusfeetfungusfeet Posts: 123WeTek Community Member
    my phone is older than my wetek and runs Android 7 fine. Won't be buying another wetek with such poor support.
  • sharoncolemansharoncoleman Posts: 4WeTek Community Member
    edited June 8
    So which version of this product have you decided to install?
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